a showcase

of some of my work.

This is a mix of both commercial and personal projects that highlight my capabilities. Scroll to explore.

Masters Dissertation

In order to complete my Masters, I needed to produce a dissertation. My work explored agent-based approaches to intelligent car parking management and data analytics for sustainability and involved developing my own solution utilising JAVA and JADE (the Java Agent DEvelopment Platform). Having had little experience in JAVA prior and never having done agent development before, the project was a healthy challenge.


After struggling to find potential blogs to guest post on I started brainstorming a better way. Eventually I settled upon the idea of a Yelp like directory of blogs that accept guest posts. Thus GuestPost.Directory was born! Co-Created with a long time friend of mine Niall Bunting, we had an MVP done in a DIY hackathon weekend. We are now trying to push the idea further to build up our growing userbase.

My own personal website uses a minimalist design to draw the user's attention to the content. A simple set of technologies were used to create a site quickly and effectively and due to no use of back-end or interactive technologies, it also means the site is lightweight and fast. A simple colour scheme was chosen to to prevent distracting the user. Text highlighting was used to emphasise keywords.

Dijkstra's Algorithm

Developed as part of my coursework for my System Design and Programming masters module at Keele University, where we were tasked with implementing Dijkstra's algorithm in relation to london underground route finding.

Taking in three file inputs for stations, changes and lines we had to create a shortest route finder by implementing Dijkstra's path finding algorithm. We had to include functionality for making stations unavailable in order to provide alternate routes.

Peninsula Asset Finance Ltd

I was asked to re-design and create a new website for Peninsula Asset Finance Ltd. Their existing site was with WordPress and they decided on continuing to use the popular CMS. Having no experience developing in WordPress, I decided on using a powerful drag and drop builder to handle the development which allowed me to concentrate on the design. Salient was used to bulid the site.

Glasto Clash

Glasto Clash was a fun would you rather styled game for Glastonbury Festival 2019. Festival clashes are a frequent and annoying occurrence meaning you have to choose who you see between two or more of your favourite artists. I created Glasto Clash in order to see which bands and artists would be the year's favourites.

The game would present users with random clashes between artists and get them to vote on who they would rather see. An ELO based system was implemented for calculating scores. You could also create and share your own clashes in a static poll, view a leaderboard of popular artists and view a recommended schedule based on the most voted artists for each time slot for each day.